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Our motto is "We Print on Nearly Anything"...and we do!

All types and brands of apparel, T-Shirts, Caps, Sweats, Jackets, etc.

All types of Plastics, Metals, Glass, Wood, Paper, etc...

Just check the specials section for ideas!



screen printing, embroidery, signs.

If you are looking for a website where you can design your own t-shirt, this is not it!

However, during this time of COVID-19 you may prefer to deal with us via email, we can easily do this by sending art via pdf. files and we can show you samples of garments and other items with pdf. attachments.

Unlike a website company, you will meet the person that you deal with, don't you really want to know that person that you are spending your money with?...We want to meet and know you!

2020 was a tough year, it started off real good with an emphasis on electronic gadgets as well as the old reliables, the t-shirt, ink pens and drinkware, then came COVID-19...nearlly everything came to a halt except safety products, everyone was looking for masks and sanitizers with a real shortage on those items and when we could find them the pricing was quite high.

Now with the end of this thing in sight with the vaccines, we expect that things will slowly return to something like normal.

In the meantime, face masks are still in high demand, both disposable and printed reusables, also hand sanitizers most of which have been unprinted but are now available at a reasonable price imprinted with your company name. These safety items are now available at a fraction of the cost that they were back in mid year!  Give us a call!

T-Shirts    Sweatshirts    Ball Caps    Calendars    Ink pens    Pencils    Drinkware     Yard Signs    Decals...  

Nearly anything with your company name on it!

Interstate Graphics