Our motto is "We Print on Nearly Anything"...and we do!

All types and brands of apparel, T-Shirts, Caps, Sweats, Jackets, etc.

All types of Plastics, Metals, Glass, Wood, Paper, etc...

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There is a strong demand for the darker heather color shirts as well as solid grays. The use of the safety colors in the promotional side of the business has declined but these colors remain strong in the construction and service industries.


screen printing, embroidery, signs.

If you are looking for a website where you can design your own t-shirt, this is not it!

Unlike a website company, you will meet the person that you deal with, either at your place of business or ours...don't you really want to know that person that you are spending your money with?...We want to meet and know you!


                  See Special Services for details!

There continues to be a strong desire for the moisture wicking materials as well as a demand for the soft feeling fabrics.

As we start the second quarter of the year we are starting to get a feel for what our customers are wanting this year in wearables.

If your company manufactures a product that needs decoration, call us...we print on a lot of metal and plastic parts,

as well as glass, wood, etc.