We want to share the results from a couple surveys that have been conducted over the past couple years regarding promotional products, it may or may not help you in making a decision about which items to purchase but we found the information astounding.

1. This survey showed that of all the American consumers that were questioned regarding which

     promotional  items they had in their possession,

     The most popular was Writing Instruments, second was Calendars and third was some type

      of Imprinted Apparel.

2. This survey showed that 44% of the American consumers that were questioned owned a promotional T-Shirt.


We offer nearly anything you can think of with your company name and/or message.

These items include the proven items from the past such as Ink Pens, Pencils, Key Tags, etc...

As well as the newer High Tech items such as Cell Phone accessories, computer and/or

Tablet accessories.

Literally thousands of items, Make an appointment to stop by and see them!!!

Call about the many special offers that are available, some are listed under the SPECIALS heading

on the home page.

2019...HOT ITEMS!!!

Drinkware continues to be very popular with so many options available.

Logo'd electronic items continue to be a hot item in 2019, items such as:

Bluetooth Accessories : Wireless Headphones, Speakers & Ear Bud Sets, with

Power Banks...Some are powerful enough to start your car and have ports for your tablet and cell phone as well!

Solar chargers are coming into the market now.

Ink pens will never cease to be a popular item, thousands to choose from at all price levels. Several of our suppliers now offer pens with your logo in lights...pretty cool!

Imprinted apparel, especially the T-shirt still gives the most bang for your buck!...but check with us about the most effective way to use this great item!   Caps are very popular with several different decorating options.

The yard sign...gives instant results, we use them...ask us about how well they work!



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